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Service Provided

Guaranteed Excellence

Professional Approach

I will make sure your special day will go as planned through preparation, collaboration on your vows, and arriving in a timely manor. I will dress appropriately in professional attire as to the type of ceremony and location. The day is all about you, so if I can assist in any other way to make it as easy and stress free as possible, I will.

Personalized Attention

The exchanging of your vows is a very special moment.  It can be stressful to come up with personal & unique vows, but fear not, I will help you write them if you would like. It's kind of an interview process, but I can get those personal details incorporated into your vows. Also, the marriage isn't official until the license is signed and delivered on time. I will make sure I have all the signatures and in the mail to the City Clerk right away

Our Agreement

Once a location, date, time, and fee is agreed upon, I will send you a contract which will have everything in writing. A small deposit is required in order to guarantee your date and time. Fees are determined by location/distance, size of wedding, and the type of wedding you wish me to officiate.

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